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Food for Thought! Looking out for others

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Upon graduation from college a few years back, a young man received a gift from his older brother. It was a shiny brand new Corvette – the car of his dreams!
One morning as he approached the car he saw a young boy about 11 or 12 peering through the windows into the car.
“Is this your car?” the lad asked when he noticed the man.
“Yes it is!” the man responded.
“Wow! This is a nice car!” remarked the lad, “How much did it cost?”
“I don’t know.” answered the man.
“It’s your car, but you don’t know how much it cost?” exclaimed the young lad.
“No,” stated the man, “you see, my brother bought it for me.”
“I wish…I wish…I wish” stuttered the boy. The man thought he would say, I wish I had a car like this. “…I wish I were like your brother!” finished the boy!

Amazed at the boy’s response, he offered to drive him around the block. While driving, the lad asked if he would drive him home. Thinking he wanted to show off that he was riding in a new car to his friends, the man agreed.
They drove more than a few blocks to where the boy lived and as he turned onto the street the man noticed that it wasn’t the best-kept neighborhood. The houses were dirty and broken. He pulled up in front of the boys’ house.
“Please wait,” the boy yelled as he ran into the house! “Oh, he’s probably going to get his family to show off the new car”, the man thought with a smile.

Then the front door opened and out came the young lad. In his arms, he carried a small crippled boy, probably about 5! The lad brought him out to the car, and stated as he hugged his younger brother, “See, just like I told you! It’s a brand new car! And someday, I’m going to buy you one just like it!”

Illustration by Stuti Agarwal

How unselfish this boy was…to be the kind of brother that looked after others first – to be more concerned with helping than having.