Dream Come True for Sarita

Have the Courage to Dream!

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Dreams can be achieved at any age!

I bring you a real story of one 18-year-old girl, Ashi, made a dream come true for 53-year-old maid Sarita.

A 53-year-old lady Sarita worked at one house as a maid. In that house, there is one girl named Ashi who is very fond of Sarita as she always takes care of Ashi like her mother, which is why she calls her Maasi which means, a like mother. Ashi’s parents both work outside the house, so the whole day Ashi spends time with Sarita. Ashi is pursuing her education and simultaneously she takes tuition of 6 students, helping them excel.

Every afternoon, when Ashi takes classes with students, Sarita always listens to her and gets enthusiastic. One fine day, Sarita tells Ashi, “Ashi tum about accha sikhati ho, tumhare students bahut lucky hai kyunki unhe tum Jaise teacher Mila hai ” (Ashi you teach very well and your students are lucky to have you as their teacher). Upon hearing that – Ashi smiled and asked her, Maasi, do you want to pursue your further education?

While listening to it Sarita smiled and said, “Ghar chalane ke liye paisa nahi hai aur aage ki padhai kaise karu?” (I don’t have enough money to take care of my family, how am I supposed to continue my education?), also added that “Maine 11th tak Hindi medium school se padhai kiya hai, phir ghar walon ne shaadi karwa diya, isliye 12th complete nahi kar payi!” (I completed my schooling only till grade 11th from a Hindi medium school and then my parents got me married, and I couldn’t finish my school).

Listening to that – Ashi said, don’t worry Sarita maasi I’m here to help you out. Padhai ke liye paisa nahi dedication chaiye (To study one doesn’t need money, just dedication is needed). If you want to study I’ll do everything possible to make you reach your destination.

Sarita smiled in excitement and asked, Sacchi Ashi, Kya main aage ki padhai kar Sakti hu? (Really! Can I study further and complete my school?) On That Ashi said, yes maasi from tomorrow I’ll start your teaching and also enroll your name for the external exam of 12th std, Sarita got tears in her eyes and regards to Ashi by saying, “Ashi Thankyou is not enough, you’re an angel to my life, who’s fulfilling my dream! I never thought I would be able to complete my further education but because of you, yes, now I can complete my wish.”

Ashi has started teaching her and even took her to college for enrollment. Every day for 3 hours Ashi taught her lessons according to the subjects and, after a few days, Sarita attempted the 12th exam and scored well in the exam.

Some people come into our lives like an angel, and so was Ashi in Sarita’s life who’s just 18 but took a step for Sarita and fulfilled her dream”. We Thank Ashi for all the efforts to educate a soul that was so destined for it and applaud Sarita’s efforts to not give up on her dreams.