Agamya Aggarwal-Donation to Westford Food Pantry November 2022 Norman E Day School

Donation to the Westford Food Pantry

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My school, Norman. E. Day Elementary School recently started a food drive! If you don’t know what a school food drive is, it is when you donate food for a certain number of days and then the school donates all that is collected, to the Westford Food Pantry. The Westford Food Pantry is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization here in the town of Westford that provide services for individual and families in the local community and surrounding towns with an emergency, short and long-term needs for quality fresh and dry foods along with personal care and household items.

My school has the whole fourth-grade donating food items, that were collected for about a week. You don’t have to donate anything for the food drive but if you did donate, there were guaranteed rewards that would be given to the classroom based on their contribution levels. Teachers decided to put prizes because they know that prizes are the one thing that would motivate the fourth graders to donate.

I was able to donate a few things as well, my donation included a pack of juice boxes, zip-lock bags, and a cereal box. It wasn’t just me, but a lot of my friends from my class donated, and the whole fourth grade. My class contributed a total of 165 items. In the entire fourth grade, there are four other classrooms, so imagine that a lot of donations were collected. The school kept all the donations at the end of the fourth-grade hallway in the school building. After all the donations were collected at the school by November 16, 2022, the school staff transported them to the Westford Food Pantry.

I really like this event at my school because it can really help the people that have been struggling with life. I think this event can be really helpful and helps us children understand the true meaning of being kind and helping other people. I hope to continue helping others with my little efforts in the future also.