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How I Helped Our Cow

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I am a resident of Shivpuri, Moradabad a town in Uttar Pradesh. We have a lot of cows on our dairy farm and one of the cows got Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD) sickness. LSD is a highly contagious viral disease among cattle, cows, and buffaloes. This is a perilous disease that can even kill the animal.

Sometimes we take our cows to grass fields to feed. One day as we returned back in the evening and that is when I noticed some light spots on the skin of our cows. My family and I were worried and in a little bit of fear that the cow might have gotten some virus. Over the night spots got darker and I couldn’t understand how this would happen. Upon searching about the disease using the symptoms that I observed on the internet, I came to learn about the LSD disease and it is then I knew that this was the LSD.

I was reading a newspaper the next day, and coincidentally there was news about this virus spreading in India and that over one lakh (one hundred thousand) cattle deaths have occurred, which really scared me. It hurt me a lot because the cow could not eat anything due to it, and she was not able to stand due to swelling on her feet. She had also stopped providing milk even to the calf. LSD brought more symptoms with it like high fever, skin nodules, loss of appetite, increased nasal discharge, and watery eyes, it became painful to watch this and we were consulting a veterinarian.

My grandfather told me to cover the spots with a warm neem water solution. Neem is used for its medicinal properties and is very popular in India. Other names for Neem are Indian Lilac, and it is a tree in the Mahogany family, native to the Indian subcontinent. He must have had some experience of facing such a difficulty in the past. Experience from elders is like wisdom without effort and at this time, I wanted to see my cow in a good condition, so I immediately got started with this treatment.

I covered the spots with warm neem water solution and continue to do it for one week. We also started the medicines as per the recommendations from the doctor. After about a week of treatment and care, our cow started recovering, and today she is fully recovered. Now, she is doing well, roaming free, gazing in the fields, without any pain, and very happy and healthy.

Picture of my cow, now healthy and happy!

Learning from this experience of my own, I am also able to help out other cows in our neighborhood. Some cows in my neighborhood also got LSD and I have shared my experience with my neighbors and it so far has been very helpful. Many neighbors have come by or stopped me to Thank me for my advice, and all I say to them is that it gives me immense pleasure to share such knowledge that can make lives easier for both owners and their cows. Some are also giving their cows this treatment as I write about this. I hope their cows get cured soon as well.

I will appreciate my grandfather who suggested applying the neem water solution at this crucial moment. I hope today you also learned something, feel free to share it with anyone you see who may be struggling with the issue, as I believe it’s not just knowledge that makes you good but also being able to share it with others that makes you good.

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  1. Well done Varinder, helping an sharing your experience with others to help is a great kindness act!

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