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Women Empowerment with Shiv Shakti Group

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This story is about women’s empowerment. Women of the village-‘milak phadmau’ near Kanth, Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh formed a Self Help Group. The purpose of the group is to make the women including themselves strong and self-reliant. I got an opportunity to meet a few of them and hence share their stories with you as I found it quite motivating and inspirational.

This self-help group helps improve the lives of the poor and marginalized segments of society, along with some support from the government.

Different services are provided to help, a woman can take out a small loan through this group without any security to start their business. Women can also give their money to other women to earn little interest so that they may make money as well. Women can also start their own work with group money along with any aid money that is provided by the government. This aid amount is divided among group women to get their living better, which can also be used to deposit in the banks for their future use. Overall, women’s empowerment is their goal and they’re making difference in women’s lives on a daily basis.

These women have named this group SHIV SHAKTI GROUP. Jobs are also taken out by the government in self-help groups for women, and one of the benefits that are also offered by the government is training on doing self-work. For example, there is training available for crafts like sewing and embroidery, and using these skills they can start a small earning.

Upon interviewing some of the women from this group, I found many motivating starts and successes, sharing a couple with you.

Seema: She got training in growing mushrooms as she was passionate about growing vegetables. She started her mushroom business after taking training from the group’s trainer and is very happy with the returns from her business. She is able to grow mushrooms on her land and sell it to make a decent living.

Jolly: She is a rural-born and brought-up woman and has always wanted to start her own business. She started milk production with the help of the group. Right now she is totally self-reliant and does animal husbandry work as well. A very happy woman who not only is working hard with her skills but also giving back to the Shiv Shakti Group by sharing her experiences.

Vinod: She has always wanted to become self-reliant and when she came to know about the formation of the group in the village, she too joined it too. She learned sewing and embroidery work from the group and now she is able to become self-supporting and earn a living.

In India, there is still a need of making such groups on a much larger scale, but this is a great start. These women took initiative to establish themselves well in society. This is the inspiration for all people who lost their hope of being better.

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoy this report.

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