My friend looked out for me!

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One day for lunch at my school, the Stony Brook School, the main menu was hotdogs and the second option was pizza. Sanjana Srivatsan, a very good friend, noticed that I didn’t get either of the two; only a carton of milk and fruit. She asked me what had happened.

I told her that they ran out of pizza by the time it was my turn in the line, and I couldn’t eat hotdogs. I had to continue down the line, ending up with just a carton of milk and fruit. A little bit later, though, they had pizza again, but if I went to get it, they’d possibly charge me for it, and I didn’t feel like getting back in line because I was too shy to go to the server again to ask for the pizza slice.

Sanjana noticed this and offered to get lunch for me and because she brought lunch from home, they wouldn’t charge her as it would be her first serving from the school. So she went in the line and got me the pizza slice.

When she came back, I was so thankful. I wasn’t hungry after lunch, all thanks to her. I will never forget this and also look forward to doing something nice for her!!

Spread kindness everywhere you go. Let no one come to you without leaving them happier.

– Mother Teresa

Thank you, Sanjana!!