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Support for children with disabilities

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It was my brother Devashish’s birthday in September. We went to his office with a cake to surprise him. We were returning after celebrating Devashish’s birthday, so I felt thirsty, we stopped the car near a shop. When I reached the shop, I saw a small box on which “Handicap Help” was written.

I found it intriguing so we talked to the owner of the shop, Lokesh Kumar about this, as it is not very customary to find such donation boxes Lokesh then told us about this organization in Dehradun that helps out children with disabilities. Parents of these children leave them with this organization, sometimes for good, and then this organization helps these children, providing them with a good education, a place to live, and food, educating them about how society functions as well. However, lately, this organization was facing financial problems, due to which the education of the children was facing problems. That is when the head of this organization decided that he would ask the people of the society to help with donations and he requested, shop owners like Lokesh to assist. Any shop owner cannot just put a donation box, the box has to be approved by the organization and only then the public should donate as they confirm that the shopkeepers are also given permission. They started installing small mini boxes so that collection can be easy and education for the children can continue.

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Lokesh said that he liked this thing very much and hence put this mini box in his shop. People who come to his shop would donate some money, whatever amount is to their liking. Lokesh mentioned that the collection for each month is anywhere between Rupees 4000 to 5000. There is a target that the organization sets, and if it falls short, Lokesh puts in his own money at times. Finding it very motivating, I also donated upon listening to Lokesh and so did my friends.

Photo by the author of the article

Lokesh mentioned that since the time he put the box, he’s raised close to 22,000 Rupees and helped the organization in any which way he could. He keeps the box secured, makes sure that the people don’t take the money out of the box by moving the box inside at night, keeps a track of the donations, etc. There are close to 2.68 Crores (26Million) people with disabilities, out of which men are 1.50 Crore and women are 1.8 Crore, who are not helped by their own parents, they are helped by such organizations.

Thank you readers for hearing my little story of someone’s kindness and them doing their duty toward making society a better place for everyone. To learn more about this organization, you can visit their website Child Life Care Mission.