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Blood donation will cost you nothing, but it will save someone’s life

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It’s been almost a month now since my school friend Riya Kaushik turned 23 years old, she works in Chandigarh city. A few days ago, she uploaded her picture on her social media while donating blood. Keen about knowing more about that, I called her and asked if everything is fine with her and to my relief, she said that everything was fine and that there was a blood donation camp set up in the company where she works, so she decided to donate blood. She loved doing this because she realized that it could help someone she might not even know, so she wanted to help.

As we continued to talk more she also mentioned something that happened to her some time ago. There was an incident in Riya’s life, where she was in great need of blood. Even in the time of a great emergency, they could not arrange blood from inside or outside of the hospital. In this truly tough situation, someone unknown to their family, stood up to help them out in that hospital. It is at that time she realized how important it is to help out when someone is in a need, as anything could have happened if that person didn’t stand up to donate blood, it was truly an emergency and a matter of life and death. Going through that incident, she decided that she would also donate her blood and hoped that she is able to help someone who is in a need, without informing anyone in her family.

Picture shared by Riya

The blood donation camp at her company was generally successful, but it was a little surprise for her to see that many of her colleagues did not step up for the blood donation drive. It is understandable for many people it is not very easy to step up and give blood, so she’ll try to motivate as many going forward. She received a certificate that she was happy about and they gave her a gift too for her volunteering efforts.

It was a really good thought that Riya is willing to help someone who doesn’t even know, it takes a very kind heart to do such a good deed. Everyone’s way of helping is different, and there is definitely something to learn from everyone. Our karma teaches us that we should help everyone without any expectation to receive something in return and sometimes life also gives us a message, we just have to read it, understand it, do something about it and pass it on.