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19-year-old boy, Pradeep Mehra made headlines recently for being a smart and hard worker, student, and aspirant to join the Indian Army. We came across this excellent and inspiring story at the Indiatimes news site and the link to the original article is here.

If you wish to look at the original tweet, click here.

There can be many problems in anyone’s life, but very few people have the courage to tackle those problems head-on. Pradeep Mehra from whom our new generation needs to take inspiration is from Almora district in Uttarakhand, India. He belongs to a very poor family, and his father is a farmer who could possibly just make the ends meet, though not enough for anything extra. Pradeep left his studies at an early age and works part-time for the treatment of his ailing mother. His elder brother lives in a rented house in the busy city of Noida and works part-time as well to help out Pradeep as he is unable to bear the expenses of the house alone. Pradeep came to Noida about 3 months ago, to help out and fulfill family needs. Their mother lives at their aunt’s house for treatment so that she can take proper care of her.

Pradeep works as a pizza delivery boy and delivers Pizza all day long. In the evening, he runs from Noida Sector 16 to Barola, another location about 10 kilometers apart, and reaches home late at night. He has no other means of transportation as they’re saving every single penny they can.

I’ve heard of a saying, rightly suited for this situation, “Run till you can make your dreams come true”.

Once Pradeep reaches home late at night, he will cook food for himself and his elder brother. He has become a source of inspiration, and all the listeners praise him for his hard work and appreciate him.

His video of running back to his home at night went viral when a driver wanted to give him a ride and he refuses to because he wants to keep himself fit for the Indian army selection exams. His video goes viral and upon speaking to him, he says, “Someone made my video and it went viral. People gave so much love to the video. By this I feel motivated and people also got motivated. I will say thank you from my heart,” Mehra told ANI.

“My goal to join the army has become more resolute. Other people who want to join the army have also got the motivation because of this. Many people have offered to help me. I feel very good,” Mehra said.

Seeing Pradeep Mehra for his hard work and dedication, Lt General (retired) Satish Dua has offered him help to train and pass into Army Recruitment.

He has also made a tweet for Pradeep on social media “His Josh is commendable, and to help him pass the recruitment tests on his merit, I have interacted with Colonel of KUMAON Regiment Lt Gen Rana Kalita, the Eastern Army Commander. He is doing the needful to train the boy for recruitment into his Regiment. Jai Hind”.

The great cricketer Harbhajan Singh also tweeted for him saying, “Champions are made like this….whether on sports field or anything they do in life. He will be a winner, thank you vinod for sharing this .. yes PURE GOLD”.

Many people leave their dreams, but their struggle is close to them, unique due to their circumstances, but Pradeep Mehra inspires all of us by his hard work, commitment and dedication.

There are many people who will struggle to make their dreams come true but everyone doesn’t get the attention that Pradeep got, they may not need attention, but certainly, an inspiration to keep moving forward, which I’m sure this story will give them.

We wish Pradeep good luck and Thank you for sharing the inspiring moment with the world.