Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine.

Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine

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The title of this story is something that Jack Ma said, and we all know this thing that not everyone gets everything in their life, but it is also not good to give up on everything. If you have a noble heart, do something good for everyone or think something good, then it is a matter of great pride,

I study in a coaching center and many more children come there. It was just a few days ago that Teacher’s Day was celebrated at our coaching center, where I met this girl. She is 18 years old and her name is Saba. On that day all the children were telling about their personal life so that everyone gets to learn something about each other. Then Saba also introduced herself and mentioned that she was very young when her parents died prematurely and now she lives with her relatives. She has completed her schooling and aspires to not depend on anyone anymore as she is a grown-up.

Saba, along with her higher studies, also works in an Indian government-affiliated agency where she makes and issues Ayushman cards. These are insurance cards that provide medical coverage for eligible people in India and include a lot of individuals that earn below a certain threshold. With a very nominal fee, eligible Indian citizens can avail of this benefit. Saba helps several people to make their Ayushman cards.

After getting to know Saba more, I found something excellent that she does and wanted to share it with you all. She helps those who are poor, who hardly make their living by making their Ayushman cards for free, but pays for the Ayushman card fee from her own pocket for them. Not only the needy, but she also helps those children who do not have a mother or father and makes their Ayushman cards for free. The money that is due to the government she gives out of her own salary.

Saba is in the picture.

This is a great kindness act of Saba where she is helping the helpless. Everyone praises her a lot for this work and because of this work her relatives feel very proud of her. She fulfills her needs with her own salary as she aspires to become independent. Saba is a very kind-hearted girl and also a cheerful one. Everyone she helps shower their blessings on her and from us as well, we pass on blessings to her.

Saba says, “Never hurt too much for anything, do such things that you should be proud of yourself and others should be happy”

Do such a thing in life that everyone is proud of and for whom you become an inspiration, then it is even better. Thank you for sharing your kind heart with us and the world!