A tribal boy struggling for food became a scientist in America

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While crawling the web I got this news. It’s quite inspiring hence sharing it with you. The original news is written in Hindi and if you like click on the link to read the original story, here, I’ve translated it for you and hope you will like it.

To go to the original article and/or to read it in Hindi, click here. Photo credit: From the author of the original article, Madan Tiwari.

Chirchadi is a village of 400 to 500 families. Halami’s parents worked as domestic helpers in the village, as the production from their small farm was not enough to support the family.

From struggling for a one-time meal in a remote village in Maharashtra’s Gadchiroli to becoming a senior scientist in the US, Bhaskar Halami’s life is an example of how hard work and determination can achieve anything. Growing up in a tribal community in the village of Chirchadi in Kurkheda Tehsil, Halami is now a senior scientist in the research and development division of Biopharmaceutical Company Sirnamix, Inc. in Maryland, US. The company conducts research in genetic medicine and Halami oversees RNA manufacturing and synthesis. Halami’s journey to becoming a successful scientist has been full of obstacles and Company has achieved many firsts.

He is the first person from Chirchadi village to do a Bachelor of Science, Post Graduate degree, and Ph.D. Halami remembers his conversation with PTI-Bhasha early days of his childhood, and how his family used to live on a very small scale. The 44-year-old scientist said, “We had to struggle a lot for one meal. My parents used to think till recently how the family lived when there was no food or work.”

He said that a few months out of the year, especially the monsoon, was incredibly difficult because there were no crops and no work on the small farm the family-owned. Halami said, “We used to eat cook mahua flowers and eat them, which were not easy to digest. We used to collect parsod (wild rice) and cook this rice flour in water to fill our stomachs. It was not just our thing, but it was the means of living for 90 percent of the people in the village.

Things got better when Halami’s father, who had studied till class VII, got a job in a school in Kasansur tehsil, about 100 km away. Halami did his schooling from class one to four at an ashram school in Kasansur. After passing the scholarship exam, he studied till class 10 at Government Vidyaniketan, Kelapur, Yavatmal.

He said, “My father understood the value of education and made sure that my brothers and sisters and I completed our studies.” After earning a Bachelor of Science degree from a college in Gadchiroli, Halami studied science in Nagpur. He obtained a master’s degree in Chemistry from the Institute. In 2003, Halami was appointed as an Assistant Professor at the prestigious Laxminarayan Institute of Technology (LIT) in Nagpur.

He passed the Maharashtra Public Service Commission (MPSC), examination, but Halami’s focus remained on research and he pursued his Ph.D. in the US and chose this topic for his research, seeing great potential in DNA and RNA. Halami earned his Ph.D. from Michigan Technological University. Halami attributes his success to his parents, who worked hard for his education. Halami has built a house for his family in Chirchadi, where his parents wanted to live. Halami’s father passed away a few years ago.

A very inspiring story that tells us 2 things, first, “Where there is a Will, there is a Way”, and “After every night there is a morning”. This story gives hope to many who are determined to try and never give up.