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Doing good and share what you have

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The month of May brings auspicious times and starts the Hindu wedding season, with hundreds of weddings happening all around. A marriage took place in May right here at Rambagh, Herbertpur Dehradun Road celebration center. One sister, Anjali was getting married, and her father’s name is Rishiraj Raghav.

Every father desires to marry his children with great pomp and by the nature of the society here in India, there is a lot of expenditure in the marriages of daughters. A lot of money is spent to make sure that everything is taken care of such that everyone is super happy with the celebrations. Rishiraj Raghav ji also wanted to get his daughter married with great pomp and as much as he could, and his relatives also helped a lot.

Unfortunately, Rishiraj Raghav ji was informed of his cancer just a few months before his daughter’s marriage. Such a big blow was felt by him and his family. Something like this has happened to him so suddenly, it says a lot about the uncertainties of life and no one can guess when and what will happen. His treatment was quite expensive and they ended up draining a lot of their savings that they had planned to use on Anjali’s marriage. It put a lot of financial pressure on the family. Hindu weddings are an ordeal of many events and these last easily 3-4 days where the arrangements for the guests, their food, lodging, etc., is to be taken care of.

Suresh Ji is a resident of Rambagh, he works in the catering business and came to know about this situation. He is a very honest and generous person and when they come to know that the family is not doing financially great, they work for nominal charges. Suresh Ji takes out his own personal profits from the equation and only charges the family the cost of his crew and material at cost. Suresh Ji came forward after learning about Rishiraj Ji’s situation and refused to charge them anything. One huge expense during marriage was taken off Rishiraj Ji’s head and he was relieved such that he could not thank Suresh Ji enough.

How does someone do this for a stranger, cooking food continuously for 3-4 days is a very difficult task for the public, along with the cost of labor covered by Suresh Ji turned out to be very helpful during Anjali’s marriage?

Suresh Ji himself is not a very rich person, he comes from a middle-class family. He has the heart and intent to do good and share whatever he could to help out people who are in a tough situation. Such people are rare to find, but the good news is that they are everywhere being The Good Around Us.

I felt very proud of him when I came to know of this and makes me super happy and willing to do good myself!