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PARVARISH: Making children successful.

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My friend Rinki, and some of her friends together operate an NGO/NPO, they’ve been doing so for the last two years. This organization helps small children with getting started and navigate their educational journey. Some of these children are still about three to four years old, this organization is called Program Parvarish.

They provide free education to small children so that all the children can benefit from it. Anganwadi (School setting in a yard) schools themselves go to that place and organize this camp that is three months long and its classes run for four days a week. So that everyone can learn comfortably and there is no problem during their learning exercises, the organization makes arrangements such as getting enough furniture, material, etc.

The only motive of this organization is to give a good upbringing to our new generation which is very important and starts at a very early age. This exercise also helps keep children away from the wrong things, getting them to do game activities that will develop the children, and help them become curious about how things function in the real world.

Without participation from parents, of course, it would not be possible, hence the organization invites parents, and discuss with them their plans and how this is beneficial for their children at this early age. Share ideas on how they can keep their children busy with them at home, and also reduce screen times, as this has been a real challenge with the busy schedules of parents as well. Then children learn what they see and also in today’s world there are many scavengers trying to hurt children as well. Educating parents about the issues and making sure that it transpires in their upbringing is a key aspect that the organization focuses on.

Recently, a camp was set up in our Herbertpur Dhakrani area. Many parents were involved there, they liked it all very much and it was very educational for me as well. When Rinki told me about her work, I felt very proud that she is doing such a good job and I congratulate them for making efforts toward betterment of the society.

It is of utmost importance for us to realize the dangers of not starting to educate early and leaving the children exposed to social media, it’s dangerous and we together can keep them safe!