New member of Colony, the new pet Mukku

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One day my best friend and I went out for a walk, it was a fine evening. While returning a stray puppy started following us, with the tail wagging.

We were not thrilled and were worried that the mother might be around and may not be happy with us so we tried to drive him away but he wouldn’t go away. We could see that was scared, probably hungry & hurt, and started chasing us. As I reached my house, the puppy pushed itself in through the door and got in.

When my family saw the puppy in the house, I was asked to let him out and close the door. We already have a pet dog of our own, at home who started aggressively barking at this puppy and was making everyone uncomfortable. People in our community started gathering outside our house as our pet dog won’t stop barking and disturbing the others with the loud noise. Other members of the colony also saw this new puppy and asked me to send it back as it would not be welcomed in the colony.

This puppy for fortunate that luckily we have another dog lover in our family, my uncle who saw the puppy and let it back in again into our colony and talked other members of the community in agreeing to keep the puppy in the colony. As some time went by, the people of the colony started feeding the puppy with bread, and other edible food. The dog started becoming familiar with everyone, behaved very nicely with everyone, and did not mess with other dogs, did not spoil anything, kept away from children, all in all, it was a smart puppy so that no one would throw it out again.

Soon the people in the colony named him ‘Mukku’, and loved him enough that if he goes somewhere out of the colony, people get concerned and start looking for Mukku.

Mukku, relaxing in shade in the colony

Mukku (The dog) had filled the people’s hearts with kindness and happiness with its behavior. He got the entire colony as his home. There are many other animals who need human attention for caring for them.

This is a story of just one stray, but still, there are many out there looking for a permanent home. I wish that they will find some kind heart to bring them home or to a shelter where they can rest and feel at home.