WA Students bring smiles to Lowell Pediatric Oncology patients.

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Westford Academy, High School students took it upon themselves to bring smiles to the patients at the Lowell General Pediatric Oncology practice.

One of the students says, “My motivation was to do something that could bring joy to someone who might be struggling with finding happiness on their own.”. Along with fellow students they got together to create and write the cards for the patients.

Photo credit: Students at Westford Academy and Lauren Coffey for granting permission to use the picture.

The students didn’t get to hand-deliver the cards, while they do hope that these cards will put smiles on as many faces as possible.

The students are also associated with a movement called Relay for Life, which is a community-based fundraising event for the American Cancer Society and many other Cancer-related institutions, societies, and associations.

Marivel Preciado, Survivor, says “Giving in to the darkness offers no benefit.”, students from Westford Academy are helping the patients keep their hopes high and see the light at the end of their survival journey. We thank the students and hope that they motivate more to step up and help out!