Title - Recycle Waste Campaign

RECYCLE …. Let it live again!!!!

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It is the month of summer and in this season it is most important for us to keep our surroundings clean and tidy. In such weather, flies, mosquitoes, snakes and many other animals thrive and are more effective in dirty places with still water, spreading diseases, and the risk of getting dengue or cases of food poisoning is high.

In such a situation, it is everyone’s responsibility to keep all the places clean and tidy. Nowadays, it’s summer and children have holidays, a great time when they visit picnic spots with their family and friends, mostly places with water activities to beat the heat. There are many such spots in our Vikasnagar area where a lot of people get together during these times. Many people come to have a picnic but they leave behind waste making a mess and creating a perfect breeding environment for the diseases.

Then there are people who care and come out to take care of this by cleaning and making people aware of the impact of what they do. Many such kind-hearted and considerate people leave their work and give their time and energy to nature, which is really inspiring for me. Munna Singh Chauhan Ji, the Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) from Vikasnagar is a gentleman. He won the assembly elections in 2022 and became MLA and formed a team. The work of the team is to visit these naturally beautiful places where people visit, clean the garbage, and make people aware of cleanliness, especially the option to Recycle the waste instead of putting them in the landfill. Recycling of plastic containers, where the water can fill up and become a breeding ground for mosquitos, metal containers, glass containers, paper, and cardboard that soaks in the water again to become a harvesting place for disease-carrying pests. All these should be properly recycled and put away in the proper fashion.

Often with this team, Munna Singh Chauhan Ji visits and cleans up the garbage together with everyone. It shows his dedication to people by making them aware. The team members who were there cleaned everywhere and also planted trees. In a campaign, taken out by Nagar Palika Vikasnagar, MLA – Munna Singh Chauhan with his team made people aware of different diseases if cleanliness is not maintained. People looked enthusiastic and welcomed him, agreed, appreciated the job he was doing, and many joined the campaign. The municipality definitely does the upkeep from time to time and its efforts to keep cleanliness in the city are working. The people who gave their precious time to the campaign and took time from their own jobs are praiseworthy.

Recycling is extremely important and one must explore all the avenues of being able to recycle anything that can be recycled. I will share one beautiful example of recycling as well, there are communities that do not wait for something to become unusable while they themselves may not be using it. They will donate or give away these unused items to those who can use them and instead of having these items go to waste, they’re recycling these in this fashion as well. Hope you enjoyed reading!