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Sachin Singh, a promising son from a middle-class family in Uttarakhand Dehradun (Herbertpur), has been selected for Uttarakhand Police. Moreover, he was selected for other posts in the year 2022 like Patwari Lekhpal and Forest Guard. It is a matter of great pride for him and his family as he comes from a very simple family, has two elder brothers & sisters, with his parents in the family.

He has seen the worst days financially when he was still studying in school and his family didn’t have the education fees and because of this, he couldn’t attend school regularly. His mother would tell people in society that he was not feeling well, hence staying at home to avoid being made fun of. Sachin worked so hard with all the available means and today he got selected for not only one but also three other government jobs. He is studious and never lost focus despite seeing other children having better means. It has been quite a journey for Sachin and his family.

His father was a bus driver and while Sachin was studying in school, his father’s health deteriorated so he had to stop going to work as the doctors asked him to rest. Looking at the situation at home, along with his studies, he worked at a clothing store, worked night shifts in a company, and even opened a fast food shop to make the best use of his time. He worked hard and got his sister married. His journey is truly an inspiration for many as he never stopped trying to get his family a better life.

He says that early in his life, he had the spirit of service to the country in his mind and wanted to join the public sector job and contribute great work for the people of the country. When we met Sachin for the first time in 2019 at Herbertpur CST Ground, he was conducting the practice for physical fitness exams in various selection boards for younger people. His own preparation started in 2014 to fulfill his dream of joining the Indian Army as he was fond of the Indian Army. He would get selected in the physical fitness exam but somewhere in the process, his selection would not go through. Jumping back to the year 2022, when we met him again while he was coaching at a coaching center, he also used to study and kept himself prepared for the next entrance exam.

Sachin is not only a determined, disciplined, and humble person but is also very kind as he would not charge a fee to any child in that coaching center, who was not financially capable and wanted to study. Sachin’s nature is very kind, compassionate, and considerate as he taught his friends along with him, and similar to Sachin, his friends also were able to get a job. Good is always with those who think of others with selfless contemplation.

We all are very happy for him. Many best wishes to Sachin from us and all his coaching students. They only say one thing, always respect your parents and never stop working hard. The one who works hard will get success soon.