Seva the Serving (STS) spreading kindness

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A few days ago I was coming from college I saw a poor child who was crying because of hunger and wearing tattered clothes. I had some food and I gave him all to eat and asked about his parents. He told me that his mother is not alive and his father is mentally disturbed. I felt sorry for that poor child and had to help that child. I knew about one non-profit (NGO) near my house which is in Prabhat market Moradabad. The name of the NGO is STS (Seva The Servings). They teach underprivileged children in this NGO group and also at times help them out with their needs. This NGO works primarily on five goals, Education, Women’s empowerment, Animal protection, Environment protection and awareness, and surplus food call(preventing food from waste).

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How I came to know about them is that they conduct the classes near the temple of Kali in Moradabad. The temple was not very busy and the space was not well utilized, this NGO is using it to provide free education to poor children. Children generally start to gather at about 4 O’clock in the evening for one hour of learning every day. STS has also managed the food that is left at weddings. The leftover food is collected and provided to those who need it. This way the NGO helps the poor and brings smiles to their faces.

I called STS and told them about the little kid, and after hearing about the child and his family they had me fill out a questionnaire. I told them everything I knew about that child, and then the volunteers from STS came out and took that little child with them and a very lovely smile appeared on the face of that little child. I felt very happy to have helped that child. When a poor person is helped, then nothing can be a greater virtue than this. By helping them, a beautiful smile comes on our faces too.

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The family now has a better shelter, his father is getting additional treatments that they couldn’t afford otherwise and also the child is starting to get some education. This STS team is doing outstanding work and I salute them. If you also find a poor person, then you also help him and try to save his future. Then God will bless you too with happiness, because as they say, “You reap what you sow” or in Hindi “जैसी करनी वैसी भरनी ।”.