Gillu – The survivor

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One day in the morning, I heard some noise outside my home. It was the sound of joy and laughter. My uncle, neighbors, and children were cheering at the moment and I wanted to know what was going on there. I came out of the home and I saw that my uncle was climbing the ladder attached to the garage shutter as he heard some noise coming from the shutter.

On the shutter, there was a small nest, the nest of a squirrel 🐿️. Uncle gently brought down the nest and we saw two squirrel babies in it. One baby squirrel was already dead and one was alive, struggling for life. Uncle wrapped the squirrel baby – the one that was still alive – with a cloth, cleaned it, and confirmed that it’s in good condition. The eyes of the squirrel were still closed. We were puzzled about what to do with the baby squirrel. I did some research on the internet about baby squirrels and found that their eyes start opening in 3 to 4 weeks after their birth, which tells that these babies are pretty much newborns.

My little cousins Akshita, Abhinav, and I was excited after seeing the squirrel baby for the first time so closely. We had decided to keep the squirrel baby at home and take care of it until it is ready to go and live on its own and we named it Gillu. My cousins, now get around the squirrel every now and then, feed it grains, and milk, and play with it.

The squirrel currently is in good condition now. Hopefully, it will survive for a longer time with us. We haven’t found its mother yet, maybe their mother is lost forever, but Gillu now has a family that loves and cares, and plays with it. Once it grows old enough we hope to release it to spend its life on its own and Gillu will be welcomed forever as part of our little family.

It feels really good that we have helped Gillu survive and that it can see the world it was born in and get love, care, and fun.