The incident that reassures your faith in humanity

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It was the time of the festival of colors Holi when our maid Sheela aunty who had completed that day’s work and was ready to leave. She wished everyone in my family as she was going to take a break for three days because of the festival. My mother offered her some sweets as it is a tradition. She reluctantly took them and left smiling.

A few minutes later, suddenly my mother received a call and to our surprise 😲 it was about our maid who had been in an accident.  Aunty usually takes a bus 🚍 from the bus stand that was not far from our house where the accident took place. My mother, my sister, and I took the car and rushed to the scene. A small crowd had gathered at the bus station surrounding our maid.

After she saw us she gave out a sigh of relief 😌 with a hint of pain in it to our relief she was not injured heavily even though she was hit by a two-wheeler that was speeding on a busy road. We picked her up and comfortably made her sit in the car and drove her to the nearest hospital 🏥where her husband was called after the accident. She was first cleaned around her injuries and then had some scans taken to check if she had a fracture or not we were relieved when the results came and she didn’t have a fracture although had a muscle tear in her left leg that would heal quickly under proper care.

Photo by Aakriti Agarwal

The couple thanked us for our help and told us that they were going to file a written complaint against the rider on the two-wheeler as he didn’t stop and rode away. We dropped them at their house and returned home.

We felt concerned about her, because not only does she helps us at our home, but she’s a good human too. At the scene of the incident, there were some concerned people as well, the one who made a phone call to us, Thanks to their efforts as well that we were able to get there in time. Some people had helped her move to the side of the road to avoid any more issues, Thanks to their effort too!

This is an example of humans coming together to get the right thing done and showing their kindness and compassion.