Fire Department to the Rescue

Fire crew helps a woman deliver her baby in a snow storm.

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A few days ago something happened that brought a smile to my face and filled my heart with happiness. I truly admire the act of kindness and the presence of mind used by the fire crew to help a woman deliver her baby because they couldn’t reach the hospital in a snowstorm and were stuck in a parking lot. I came across this news on Newsweek and you can read the original article here.

This good news comes from the state of Illinois in the U.S. where a woman with her husband were in a rush to get to hospital to get the baby delivered, but ended up needing emergency help. Before they could make it to the hospital the weather worsened, cold waves and snowstorm stopped their way to hospital. Woman suddenly needed emergency help as her water broke and there wasn’t enough time to wait. They had to call the emergency services, and the fire crews quickly reached to where the couple was stuck. Quickly the family was brought into a parking lot, and the crew members quickly made the arrangements of a tent surrounding the couple’s car to give them the much needed privacy. After a few minutes a baby girl was born!

Illustration: Fire Department with the Family they helped, by Stuti Agarwal (Explore her work here)

After the delivery couple was taken to nearby hospital where everything turned out to be perfect, thanks to the emergency fire crew, their compassion and boldness to take the right decision.

Upon finding this story, I can say that there is always someone to help you in adverse situations. There are so many situations where the emergency crew has helped out, that I have heard, so always trust the emergency services and if there is ever a need, call them.