Mobile game app turned a small tea shop owner into millionaire

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I believe that one should not depend solely on their destiny and luck, and must keep working hard in order to keep moving towards success.

In one such story, that you’re about to read, Harish has been trying his best for a long time with the hope that his challenging days will say bye to him someday and his life will change. I believe that today he is the luckiest person who won such a huge amount of money with luck playing a role in his favor changing his life in an instant.

The original news (in Hindi) can be read here.

A tea shop owner, Harish Kanhaiya, plays a game on his cell phone, called Dream-11 which connects him to the game of Cricket, Indian Premier League (IPL). Per his everyday work, Harish runs his small tea shop at a place named Raiagar near Berinag in the Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand (India). He has become a millionaire in one night as he won one crore (10 million) Indian Rupees through this Dream-11 apps in the IPL.

Harish, who became a millionaire overnight, says that he used to try his luck by making a team in Dream-11 every day for a long time. On Wednesday too, he made his dream XI team by investing just 49 Indian Rupees in the match between Punjab Kings XI and Mumbai Indians, and this night proved to be the night of raining money by tearing the thatch for him. His chosen team did the best and he won 1 crore rupees.

As soon as Harish came to know that he had won a large amount of money, his happiness knew no bounds. However, Harish says that he will continue to run the tea shop.

Approximately, an amount of Rs 70 lakh will be seen in his bank account after the necessary tax deductions and there is an atmosphere of happiness in the entire region on this achievement of Harish, with his fame at its peak in the region.

Harish’s determination to continue his tea shop even though he’s gotten lucky once shows that he is humble and proves the saying from Iain Duncan Smith, “Luck is great, but most of life is hard work!”