Awareness drive on the ‘Earth Day’

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On April 22, every year Earth Day is celebrated by the entire world. Rallies and campaigns are organized in order to spread awareness among the people for the conservation of the earth.
I heard that one of the nearby schools organized some activities to spread awareness among people for the conservation of the Earth. Some students talked about the activities they participated in, organized by their school on earth day.

The Sapience School, Herbertpur, Dehradun, in Uttarakhand (India) marked Earth Day with various activities to invoke action to conserve the natural resources, such as spreading awareness about being eco-friendly, etc. Students also took out a rally to share a message about planting more trees to protect mother nature, reducing the carbon footprint, helping with cooling down the temperatures, etc. The students marched with their posters and slogans reciting messages to reduce pollution, save water, and also make Mother Earth clean and green.

Apart from just a march and saying things, students even made the paper bags of old newspapers and distributed them among shopkeepers on the path of their march, spreading awareness to avoid the use of plastic bags. As we spoke to the people and shopkeepers who saw the march and also received the paper bags, they told us that enthusiasm among the students was commendable, that they learned something that they could do to make their contribution.

Students were giving slogans like:
“पर्यावरण बचाना है, पॉलिथीन हटाना है, प्रदूषण हटाना है, धरती को बचाना है।” i.e., “Save the environment, Remove polythene, reduce the pollution, save the earth”.

Posters that gave the message to GO GREEN said, “If you want to live for a few more years start doing it from today to save the environment”.

This awareness rally by the students will surely spark a might in people’s hearts and goodwill in society towards saving natural resources, saving water, and avoiding plastic bags.

Earth day, on a larger scale also marks messages and initiatives from countries around the world as they come together to take steps to protect our environment. World leaders will also talk about serious issues like Global warming, saving natural resources, etc., but it is us people who need to help out not only just by talking about it but contribute towards the cause and try not to waste the natural resources i.e., use only what they need, educate the coming generations the right way at the same time.

Mahatma Gandhi once rightly said that “Nature has enough resources to fulfill the human’s need but it can not fulfill the human’s greed”.