‘GOLI’ The rescued puppy

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In this world, there are many stray dogs who live on the streets and roam around freely, without any food or shelter secured for them, often neglected by the residents in that area. These dogs eat the food left by people at the garbage dump and some times on the roadsides, live there, sleep there and remain unvaccinated as well, posing a threat to people in general. These animals live on the thrown away food and many times eating the trashed food leads to dangerous consequences, from getting sick to even die.

A friend of mine, Shubham, is compassionate about the strays and tries to do the best he can in taking care of strays at times.

This one time he took care of one of such stray dogs, and I’m going to share his short story of kindness with all of you today, hopefully, this will bring a smile to your face and also encourage you to do something good for the next stray animal you’ll come across.

Shubham and his other friends like to trek and do this very often. During one such expedition, Shubham saw a stray puppy who was way too skinny and looked in a very bad shape, still a puppy who doesn’t know his ways around life. The puppy might have eaten some poisonous or stale food from a garbage dump.

Shubham and his friends couldn’t keep themselves away from taking an action and helping out the puppy, so he took the puppy with him home and went to the nearby Animal Hospital without delaying the treatment. Doctors noted that the puppy was suffering from the disease “Canine Parvovirus” a viral infection that is highly contagious and mainly affects dogs. The treatment of this disease wasn’t cheap, but Shubham was motivated to take care of the puppy.

He posted a donation request on his social media to help with treating this puppy. He wasn’t expecting the response to be quick from the helpful public but was able to raise enough money. The treatment of the puppy went on for a week and with the disease fully eliminated, the puppy was released with full health and vigor.

The lucky puppy also got a permanent home when Shubham decided to keep it with him. He has been named ‘GOLI’, aka bullet.

Shubham and his friends have done a great job. Saving someone’s life or helping someone is the hallmark of a good person.