Humans and Animals coexistence-Vaishali Thakir-Aug-2022-03

This is how HUMANS and ANIMALS can co-exist!

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Proud to be a part of the philosophy, The Sanskriti, Dharam, India, where there is space for every being to co-exist with others.

It was a while ago that my family and I were sitting outside in the courtyard in the evening. Suddenly someone’s cow came by our house, maybe someone had let her loose, appears that it was let loose for good. My uncle was sitting with us at that time. He got up and brought her water and made her drink, she must have been hungry for a long time. Because she drank a lot of water, then uncle said that should be given something to eat.

Photo Credit: Vaishali Thakur

Then my mother and aunt brought all the food for her from inside which she could eat. Then my uncle even brought grass for her so that she could eat properly, she ate that too. For a while she remained calm and sat there, no one bothered her, after a long time she got up from there and just left. That cow had a very calm nature and was completely safe. It felt good to have fed a cow who was hungry and also let her sit in a place where she wouldn’t get bothered.

Then after a day or two, she came back. My uncle thought about how long she would wander around the house and let her in a nearby garden. If she wanders here and there, she will remain hungry and she might even get hurt by fast vehicles. People around here give her water and also feed her. Makes me happy to see that humans/people come together and do the minimum they can do to make the lives of these stray animals a little easier.

Photo Credit: Vaishali Thakur

I don’t understand why some people leave animals and what can possibly be the reasons, they stop caring for them when they’ve used them all the life of the animal. Even animals feel, just that they are not very vocal about them and cannot fight for themselves. I was very happy to see the care that this cow got from my family. To serve someone selflessly, whether it is human or animal, is a matter of great virtue and this is humanity. The people around there also take care of her and give her water and fodder.