Thanks to the lady for much-needed help

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One summer – not my favorite season of the year because of the heat – I and my best friend went to a hill station to get relax from the heat and have fun. The place where we went for a trip was just 6 km away from my home, fully laden with natural beauty, my favorite place. Mountains, rivers, and forests had just started to make our day pleasant, and while on the way, our vehicle (scooter) suddenly stopped.

I checked to find the reason for the issue and guess what, the fuel tank was empty. It was hot and hardly anyone could be seen on the road whom we can ask for help. The petrol pump ⛽ was at least two kilometers away from where we were. After about 30 mins, we saw a lady and her daughter driving toward us. Thankfully, they stopped and asked us about the situation and we told them that our scooter has ran out of petrol. Lady was kind and assured us that she will do certainly something to help us. Her home was within walking distance from where we were stopped. She told us that her daughter will go home and get petrol from the petrol pump in their vehicle. The lady sent her daughter home with my friend, from where they took a container for the petrol, and after a few minutes, they were back with the fuel. We just filled our tank with the petrol and had a happy smile on our faces with a sigh of relief😊.

My Friend filled up the tank, enough to get us to the petrol station, Thanks to the help we got on the quiet road.

If the lady didn’t show up in time, on a hot day, we would have to push the scooter, up the hill, for a long distance, which would be nothing less than a nightmare. Also, it would have been very late to reach back home and our parents would worry about us.

We are very thankful to the lady and we shared our gratitude with the lady and her daughter for their great and timely help. I hope everywhere such helpful people may be found and provide support to those in trouble.