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Be good and spread some kindness, like Warrior Girls

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In 2020, there was a complete lockdown in India. All the people were imprisoned in their homes, the reason was coronavirus. Coronavirus had spread all over the world, and here in a country like India, many people had become unemployed. The Indian government helped the people, but many people could not be helped. At the time of Covid-19, my friend Siddharth was associated with the Warrior Girls Foundation, which helped more than 1200 people.

This foundation was not financially strong, but they had an idea of keeping a box at an open place where people can donate vegetables and rations along with other stuff required for livelihood. People helped them a lot and when the box got full, the nearby vendors and shopkeepers called the foundation volunteers to tell them that the box is ready to be picked up.

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Then members would pack them in bags and distribute the bags to the people who lived in the slums on the banks of the Yamuna. The police also helped them a lot, the policemen did not stop them on the road and let them go. Warrior Girls Foundation helped the animals too. It also treats the animals which are lying on the road or are sick.

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When the lockdown happened for the second time in 2021. The workers of Azim Premji Foundation helped this foundation. Whenever the Warriors Girls Foundation needed a ration it would call the Azim Premji Foundation, then the Azim Premji Foundation would deliver the ration to the Foundation.

The Foundation is still helping people a lot, recently due to high heat, this foundation donated 100 pots to those people who live in slums. This foundation has also opened a Hunger-Free Indian Camp, which collects edible leftover food from weddings, birthday parties, or any function, then people call this foundation and give that food. Then members pack that food and distribute it to the poor people.

This foundation also works to clean the environment by cleaning the mountains and painting the walls to tell people to be aware of cleanliness.

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This is really inspirational, keep it up. We bring this to you such that if you see volunteers from such organizations, you would support them to create a better world.