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Kindness knows no age, just innocence

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It should be in human nature to show kindness or help anyone, which is uncommon to see in today’s world. I met a girl named Ayushi who is in seventh grade at her school, a little girl who taught me that kindness needs no age to help someone. Her story would have gone unnoticed if it wasn’t for my new friend Manju – Ayushi is Manju’s niece – please read on to know what Ayushi did.

It was a while back that my friend and I used to go to the school in Herbertpur to prepare for my physical training. I met this new girl Manju there, and immediately became friends, we even started preparing together for the training.

There at the school facility, was a female Dog that used to play in the playground with everyone, a very happy dog. We used to take bread or something to eat for her so that she does not remain hungry around the months of May & June this year, and after completing our training in the month of June, we stopped going to that school and hence the playground.

Just a few days back we went to meet my friend Manju after our coaching classes. At around 2 o’clock Ayushi also came home from school. She quickly changed and went out to see her dog. She came back inside and took milk and bread for the dog, I asked where she had gone. Then Manju told us the whole story and it goes as below.

Ayushi used to notice us taking food for that dog, and learning from that, she also started feeding food to the dog. It went on for a few days like that and once monsoon arrived and the rainy season started, Ayushi did not want to leave the dog alone so she took the dog home. The next day, Ayushi built a brick house for that Doggy, a little bigger so that she could live there easily. After she mentioned that you probably remember that Ayushi, had brought the dog from the school but now, the dog even gave birth to small puppies and Ayushi was taking the food for the entire family of the dog and her puppies.

Ayushi was outside playing with them and I couldn’t stop to shoot a video, click here to view the video.

Every day, after coming from school Ayushi first goes to see that dog’s family and gives them food. Only after that, she eats her meal. I couldn’t stop myself and I went to see the dog also. She was playing with her puppies and seeing this very beautiful thing that Ayushi did fill my heart with happiness, I do not have words to explain how happy and fulfilled Ayushi looked and also the Dog’s feelings for her puppies. This dog’s heart is very beautiful, she is very playful, and calm, young with a lot of life left ahead of her.

Ayushi feels for that female Dog, she knew that the dog needed her and that she had helped her while the dog was struggling. Kindness needs no age to show itself, and today I’ve learned something from Ayushi, and I hope my fellow readers will take some inspiration too.

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