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500 Acts of Kindness by elementary school children

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Children in the elementary school named Rita E. Miller school here in Westford, Massachusetts, had done more than 500 acts of kindness, as a challenge given to them. In this challenge, each child was asked to do one or more acts of kindness for their family or people around them.

At the end of the challenge, the children ended up doing a lot more than 500 acts of kindness, see a picture of the wall where they put up their acts inside the school for all children to see.

People get motivated to be kind because they might see kindness happening and they can do it as well for others. Kindness can make society a better place by making people kinder and caring of the community. People, starting with children get motivated by looking at acts of kindness done by others and put them on the wall, learning about how they can be kind.

Kindness starts when someone is kind to another person and that person, learns to show kindness to another person, then it starts to spread.

I am proud to be a part of such an awesome culture where the school is promoting for the children to be kind and helping society to become a better place.

In some of the posts from the students, you can notice that they have helped not only their family, but also their friends, strangers, old people, babies, and many more. They learnt to share, help out, clean, care, be nice to others. Being kind always helps, so be kind, caring and teach others kindness!

I want to say a big Thank you to our Principal, Vice-Principal and all the Teachers for encouraging us students to become kind and be better people when we grow up!


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