Community comes together against haters

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All kinds of haters are out there and they leave no chance of showing their hatred in any shape or form, the worst are those haters who do something but don’t dare to show their face, because somewhere in their heart they are aware that they’re doing wrong. Details of the hateful act later, but first highlights of a community of great people who came together to fix the vandalized area for a family who only wanted love and peace.

This is a community of heroes in the little peaceful town of Westford, MA where even the Officers, Sergeant come out and extend their hands to help keep their residents safe. Haters vandalized this family’s property by not only breaking stuff but also spray painting signs on their property walls, they went far enough to vandalize town property and didn’t then dare to come out. The incident was reported and the public was made aware of this act, love, and care for the family started pouring.

Act of Kindness Officer Seargent Westford

Important to know that this kind of vandalizing act has happened to other caring families in the town and the community is sticking together for all.

Read the post from Facebook to know the humble nature of the families and the administration, especially the officers helping out.

act of kindness westford officer seargent

Source: Facebook page of ‘Free Westford Friends’ group.

Keep smiling, kindness is there around you.

Food for thought: To bring out kindness from others, one needs to be kind themselves.