Duty and courage keeps Indian doctor in Wuhan

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Everyone has a choice they make and these choices makes them the person they are. They stand behind the choices they make and set such an example that makes you feel that goodness is still there around us and we can certainly believe we’ll find some everywhere.

Such is the story of Dr. Sanjeev Choubey, who chose to stay in Wuhan, China, the most impacted, infected, area, literally where all this started from, to ensure that people who are infected they get proper care and attention. The impact of such goodness along with many such others today, at the time of writing this post, is that the cases in China of infection are now declining.

Listen to him talking here and you’ll see how patience, calm his personality is and I’m sure it’ll make you get a smile on your face and once again believe, we’re in a great world, where many great people live and motivate us to be one of them.