Volunteering for people at higher risk with COVID-19

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Yes, he’s putting himself at risk, so are many others and they do deserve applaud. Alok Jain like many others has come out to be a volunteer for parents of those who are unable to get to their homes due to the lock downs imposed for everyone’s safety during the COVID-19 virus pandemic.

Indeed he is putting himself at risk, many doctors, young kids I’m hearing are doing this for the elderly who are at a higher risk, are afraid of going out to get their groceries, essentials anything. Blessed are these soles, deserving of our love and prayers who come out in these times.

There is definitely the other side of the coin, where they can themselves become infected or worse, carriers. I personally know Alok and he’s a careful person, but as the kindness strikes people still need to ensure that they’re safeguarding themselves well.

Kindness sees no boundaries, no disease, no second thoughts, all such stories prove it too. Stay kind!!