Donations of masks and sanitizing supplies (COVID-19)

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Times can be difficult, situation can be dangerous, enemy can be tough, shine that humanity brings out of humans, outshine anything. Counts over counts of health care personnel out there are fighting this fight for the rest of us, numerous essential producers & suppliers still risking it for the rest of us, this is sheer kindness and making the humanity more concrete.

As part of the preparation against this enemy, the rest of us, also prepared by ensuring we have all the supplies and purchased as much as we believed would last us through this pandemic.

As things are proceeding along, crucial supplies for the healthcare personnel such as the masks and the sanitizing supplies are reducing which means just one thing that these people themselves are at risk. Lately I’ve seen several messages on social media sites where the individuals from the healthcare industry are requesting the rest of us to donate any of such supplies that are extras which could be used for taking care of themselves and attend to the cases that they have at hand.

Thank you to all the volunteering ‘rest of us’ for showing the kindness that is utmost important and needed at this time. Kindness prevails once again and humanity once again gives hope for saving the world!