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It’s been another stellar week in Behbood Society. Behbood Society is an NGO where I work, which takes an initiative to uplift the needy. And this week, I had the opportunity to see more real and honest faces of children over there. I tried to capture those moments as, those expression of children were priceless and full of happiness.

“HAPPINESS DEPENDS ON OURSELVES”, today I got to know the true meaning of this quote, when I saw these kids living and enjoying the life to the fullest. When I was spending time with these kids I witnessed large amount of friendliness of these children with me. Essentially their was poverty and happiness together. “They’re poor, but they’re happy”, the subtext communicate a theory in a positive way that I agree with: that one does not need money to be happy. Although they don’t have money, but they are rich as they could be. These kids know that smiling faces are important to live this kind of difficult life easily. Kids over there were so accepting, they were so much keen to learn new things. They were enjoying the way they were being taught. The energy level these children showed was unbelievable. Children were so excited about learning was an achievement.

These children I met in Kargi Basti has beautiful smiles’. Whether they are very happy or not, I don’t know, but they were enjoying with us a lot, and that was the most beautiful experience for me. At the end of our journey we invited them with us to have ice-cream, it turned out the best day of my life.
“I laughed a lot when I visited that basti. It’s amazing how we could have fun with little sources and bit of positive energy.”