Good things happen to Good people (1)

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A colleague of mine, always smiling, helping, going beyond to make the workplace fun and filled with laughter, leading by example on hard work, couldn’t have complained a single bit, that’s Patti. She’s got a loving family, great friends at and outside of work, lovely work environment, it might just sound a great life she’s leading, it has been, until she finds that she’s going to go through breast cancer treatment, the whole nine yards.

This doesn’t bring her down a little, and given that along the way she’s made so many great friends, she’s definitely in good hands. A very close friend of hers is running a fund raiser, and look at the overwhelming response to get her support. The story is just starting to get even sweeter, as she goes out, she sees smiling faces. While she’s at a restaurant for breakfast, good Samaritans cheer her up by paying for her breakfast out of sheer love and kindness.

Best wishes, lovely thoughts, caring messages, all are pouring in for her exactly when she needs them. She’s on her path to beat the cancer out and get back with a full recovery, but more important to note here is that so much good is around us that we really don’t notice.

People, I should say humans, once again proved that humanity is not missing, just hiding a behind a bar waiting to see another act of kindness, to come out and shine.

I’m taking this liberty to post this happy message for you to read while her GoFundMe page can be reached through here if you want to read more about her story.