Free Masks distribution – COVID-19

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Not the governments, nor any organization, but people who has any skill using which they can make these masks are making them and distributing them for free. Humanity at its’ best once again, showcasing the selfless acts, trying to keep not just themselves safe, but also communities safe.

Thank you for these selfless acts around the globe! Read through some examples here:

In the news:

Manipur, India: Family making masks and distributing for free.

Indian Army JCO: From Bihar, India an Army man standing up for good.

Beyond news, people who can make these masks are donating via Facebook groups, Whatsapp groups, communities around them. One in my own community, below:

Free Masks provided to the community.
Thank you!

We are together in this is yet again proven by these selfless acts. Re-ensuring that there is plenty of good around us!

If you’re looking for free masks, look around, ask around, you might find a kind soul that’ll get to you!