Cub Scouts explore National Guards camp

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Winter of the year 2020, plan was to go to camp in the barracks where the national guards of The United States of America live, work and spend good deal of time serving the nation, keeping the rescue efforts at their best. An unusual weather weekend, where instead of the temperatures being in low 30s (Fahrenheit), a warm weather brought in upper 60s, a sign showing from the nature as if it wants the kids to have a lot of fun during this camping.

Camp Edwards, Massachusetts, a National Guard facility with a lot of activity that happens there have been very accommodating for the cub scouts to allow them to come, explore, interact and learn to be a hard & smart worker, set goals in life, achieve them with compassion and vigor. Same thing happened this trip as well and the scouts not only got to interact with the soldiers, but also got to sleep in their barracks, eat MREs (Meals Ready to Eat), and participate in some fun activities too.

The whole idea of bringing the scouts so young to a facility like this, makes them feel proud of their country, their people and turn these young minds into a very kind, compassionate and considerate people in lives. Many of these soldiers we interacted with have themselves lived a life of a scout, been through the learning curve.

For those who aren’t familiar with the Boy Scout of America (BSA), the kids join this organization for many reasons, the one I love is that they get to meet, work with kids from many different backgrounds, onto something that is beyond traditional academics or sports. More information is available to explore on their website

I see good in this as this small yet important exercise is helping children know the world around them, get and spread love and care.