Making Plants Healthy 01

Happiness is ~ watching your plants 🪴☘️🌼😍grow

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Today I’m just happy to share, my experience with my plants at home, and wanted to spread my happiness to you, along with the learnings that my mother shared with me about plants.

Due to continuous heavy rains for several days or overwatering the plants, the delicate stems of plants bend or break, and the plant health starts to deteriorate because of the accumulation of water on the leaves or in the soil of the plant. If plants are kept outside in the open in pots, during the heavy rains, the soil of plants planted in pots or gardens gets washed away. Due to this soil erosion, the roots of the plants come above the soil, and they stop getting enough nutrients. Excess water in the ground and in the pots can cause fungal infection in the roots, stems, or leaves of the plants, and the plants start dying after a few days. Diseases like powdery mildew occur in the plants, due to which white spots are visible on the leaves. Excessive water is not healthy for plants in general.

The same happened with my plants last year. More than half of my plants were damaged, hence this year I worked hard for my plants’ health. My mother helped me and gave me some tips that I’m sharing with you as well today.

First, I turned the pots upside down and drained all the water out of them at the beginning of the season as any extra water that is there must be removed. Then I did the pruning and mulching of the plants, in this process, any old leaves, or stems are removed and sometimes a shape is also given to the plant. My plants were new hence their stem was weak, I tied the main stem of the plants to the wooden stick buried in the pot so that they get stability and do not break in strong wind. I then applied foliar spray to the plants. For the plants that were showing signs of any deterioration due to overwatering, I took them out of the old pots and soil and planted them into a new pot with fresh potting mix and watered only when the soil of the plant was dry.

Today my plants are healthy and blooming, making me feel super excited every time I am near them and making me feel accomplished as I am now able to take care of them. Plants and caring for them gives me peace and happiness, and by the nature of the plants, they’re good for our environment too. From now onwards I am not worried about my plants because my mother’s these tips will help to cure them.

I hope you will like this short story of mine. Thank you!